Andrew Holmes has a style rooted in Folk and Americana. His songs reflect a mix of meaning and melancholy, crafted with keen observation, capturing moments worth remembering with lyrics you won’t forget. His melodies rise and fall to keep you on the edge of a feeling, always passionate and authentic. His crisp vocals and range are both warm and inviting, with a winsome vulnerability.

From a meager home, in an obscure town, at the “buckle” of the Bible Belt, Holmes grew up in a very originative house hold. Consistently taught to express himself through art, Andrew was drawn to writing like his father. Around the age of eight Holmes took to short stories and poetry, immersing himself in the world of creating. He continued to explore the world of lyricism, honing his craft diligently until his passion was met with a new outlet of expression- music.

Holmes picked up the guitar at the age of seventeen, and quickly learned the power of words woven into a melody. After learning some basic chords, Holmes dove promptly into songwriting and released his first album “Seize The Day,” in August of 2013 from the attic of a close friend’s home. He began performing locally at coffee shops and wineries, and soon became a local virtuoso.

As his love for writing grew and his musical expression developed, he broadened his territory and played all over the country, releasing his second album “Lionheart” in November of 2015. Soon after, Holmes relocated to Nashville where he went back to the drawing board. A small fish in a vast ocean of musical talent- Holmes redefined his objective as a songwriter, and spent the the next year and a half rigorously polishing his craft. He returned to Texas to record his latest album “Through The Hollows,” at Drive35 Studios released in Mid November of 2017.